With Facebook Live, you now have the opportunity to broadcast live to your existing audience and followers as things are happening. This will give your brand, ministry, event or concert an edge that not many people in Canada are utilizing at a greater degree. In other words, if your competition is doing #FacebookLive...they are probably doing it wrong! There are many components that need to be in place in order to broadcast a video such as: lighting, mics, the right camera angle, frame, etc. Those are things that most people won't event think about.

Whether you are a business, a musician, a ministry or simply have an upcoming event and you are looking at having video coverage incorporated into your brand, we can help you!

Facebook Live

Facebook Marketing and Facebook Live combined have a powerful outcome!

At SMR, (A Sub Division of Empower Media), we have been providing Social Media Coaching and Consulting for over seven years to multiple local and international clients positioning us as one of the top leading social media companies in Calgary, AB.

When you combine the power of Social Media with Facebook Marketing + Facebook Live, you now have a POWERFUL concept that will shift your Social Media Video presence ahead of your competition!


Are you celebrating a company anniversary? Are you hosting a guest speaker? Do you have a special event coming up? Are you hosting a Concert? It doesn't matter what it is...

We can help you capture it!

Get in touch with us right away as we need at least one to two weeks notice to prepare.

Call DJ at (403) 585-2089 or email me directly at DJ@EmpowerMedia.ca.

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As a church or ministry, we understand how important it is to share your event with the world. We have great Ministry rates available so get in touch with us right away and let's talk about your upcoming event.

We can help you cover your event and better yet...
We will show you how EASY it is so you can continue using
Facebook Live by yourself.

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As a business owner, I understand how important it is to always continue evolving and to adapt to new trends and of course, the never ending technology upgrades.

Fortunately, since day one, we have always been able to adapt quick and effectively to the many social media and technology changes. We are able to provide your company with top of the line #FacebookLive multi-camera coverage in order to capture your event or special occasion.

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At any given time, there are so many events happening all year long. For example: Company anniversaries, Stampede events, ceremonies, award ceremonies, after hour events, grand openings & launches, monthly events, concerts, special guest speakers, trade shows and expos, CD releases... and the list goes on.

At SMR, we understand that you might not have the time, skills or the right equipment to broadcast a Facebook Live video the day of your event. We can alleviate the stress by providing you with the support you need and while you enjoy doing what you do best, we will do what we do best.

Contact us right away to book your event and don't miss a fantastic opportunity! We have super affordable rates and of course, we love to travel!

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Let's #FacebookLive your event!

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